About energy prices at the Pomeranian Employers’ Energy and Climate Forum



Arkadiusz Somnicki

Member of the Board

About energy prices at the Pomeranian Employers' Energy and Climate Forum

Already on October 15, 2021, at the Pomeranian Employers' Energy and Climate Forum, we will deal with the most timely topic - energy prices. Virtually every day the media reports about the sharp increase in energy prices. Until recently, entrepreneurs paid PLN 300 for each MWh of energy consumed. Currently, the rates exceed PLN 500 and although they are shocking - unfortunately - they are less and less surprising.

What will you learn at the meeting?

• How much will entrepreneurs' electricity bills increase? We will talk about energy and gas prices in 2022 and forecasts for the coming years. We will also analyze the current situation on the Polish and European market, which has an impact on the finances of our companies.
• How to negotiate energy prices with sellers? Here are some practical ways to pay less. Why is it worth taking a little more time to rethink your energy purchasing strategy? We will tell you about the products offered by sellers - what options are available for small and large enterprises.
• We will debunk the monopoly myth and encourage you to consider switching supplier. We will tell you about the secrets of energy sellers - which is not told to customers.
• What are the current market trends, ie energy that is becoming more and more renewable. Fashion or investment that saves money?
• How to increase the company's energy efficiency? We will talk about investments in our own energy generation sources and the use of technical solutions to reduce electricity bills.

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Purchase of energy from renewable sources. How to protect the company against increases?

The purchase of energy from renewable sources has gained in importance over the last year, because the so far leading ecological emphasis has been supported by a very strong partner - the financial aspect. Over the last year, the purchase of "green" energy (often based on long-term cPPA contracts) has become strongly competitive with the purchase of energy from the power exchange, the prices of which have experienced a threefold increase y / y (one of the main culprits of the current increases is the situation on the coal market). The energy prices offered to companies in the last days for 2023 exceeded the level of PLN 1,250-1400 / MWh (rates vary depending on the characteristics of the recipients; let us remind you that in 2021 entrepreneurs were buying energy on average at PLN 300-400 / MWh).

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About the purchase of natural gas based on offers indexed with the forward market prices

According to the data of the Energy Regulatory Office, since the beginning of the liberalization of the gas market, the gas supplier has been changed by 281 thousand. with approx. 6.5 million of all recipients (as of Q3 2021), of which only 5% were industrial recipients (tariff groups with markings from W5 to W10). The PGNiG Group is the undisputed leader in gas sales in Poland, with a market share of approximately 85% in 2020. We will soon find out how the current situation will affect the new distribution of market shares (according to the ERO data, at the end of 2020 in Poland there were approx. 90 companies actively involved in trading in natural gas, with 185 entities having a license to trade in gaseous fuels. ).

The decision to change the seller is influenced by the level of customer awareness and their motivation to change (nowadays mainly the level of the offered price), as well as the ease of making such a change (no complicated procedures) and the availability of competitive offers on the market.

The prices of gas fuel offered by various sellers often differ by several or even several percent, and a significant increase in price differences has been observed since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine. Most sellers set prices based on the current gas exchange quotations, adding excise tax, the cost of the so-called white certificates, margins but also mark-ups, which play an important role in recent months, allowing to secure the commercial risks of sellers. The current gas prices for 2023 listed on the Polish Power Exchange exceed the level of PLN 465 / MWh (updated on 04/25/2022), which means more than fivefold increase in prices over the last year.

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The DSR service as an opportunity to increase the cost effectiveness of enterprises

The essence of the DSR (Demand Side Response) service is the reduction of electricity demand by consumers during peak demand hours, at the request of the transmission system operator, which in Poland is Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne. DSR is one of many remedial measures used by the grid operator to maintain the stability of the National Energy System.

Why is it worth using a DSR service? First of all, in order to obtain additional remuneration. Recipients who have reported the possibility of reducing their capacity by 1 MW receive annual remuneration in excess of PLN 100,000. Due to the fact that the remuneration obtained in most cases does not involve any additional costs, its attractiveness is high. It is worth mentioning that entrepreneurs participating in the DSR program, in addition to rationalizing individual electricity costs, contribute to the development of innovative products on the electricity market serving the entire economy.

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