Audit of contracts, invoices and the customer’s purchasing potential

Audit of contracts, invoices and the customer’s purchasing potential

Enfree customers save up to 40% on electricity purchases.

The first step to lowering your bill is to carefully analyze the current conditions of purchasing electricity. Using our specialist knowledge, we look for answers to the question of where and how you can gain the most in contracts and invoices. For most customers, there is a high potential for savings. First of all, we pay attention to those parameters that are important when determining the price at which energy is billed.

We define all price components separately for each entrepreneur with whom we cooperate, such as the cost of energy, property rights, excise duty or customer balancing. We also do not forget about a number of other components, which often hide the truth about the seller's real margin - our favorite analyzed indicator is the price component that secures the seller's risk. We know from experience that sellers use different pricing strategies, not only depending on the amount of energy purchased, but also the awareness of customers as to the value of the purchased goods. Based on the price parameters we set, we define the customer's purchasing potential - we show him how much money he can save.

Having such strong arguments, we conduct negotiations with selected energy suppliers on behalf of the client.

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