Energy audits

Conducting an energy audit can give your company a number of tangible benefits, primarily financial.

Depending on the situation, the audit may be a statutory obligation or a voluntary decision of the company. Regardless of the purpose of the implementation, Enfree takes care of the preparation of appropriate documentation. We perform audits for 3 different purposes:

  • fulfilling the statutory obligation (large companies meeting certain criteria are required to prepare an audit every 4 years).
  • identifying areas for optimization - we indicate activities or investments that can be made in the company, thanks to which it will be possible to reduce energy consumption, and thus also expenses.
  • increasing the profitability of investments. If the entrepreneur plans activities / investments that will increase his energy efficiency, he can obtain the so-called White Certificates. What's the benefit? Certificates can be sold increasing the company's income. Enfree carries out the entire process: prepares investments, prepares documentation, applies for certificates and then sells them.

We encourage you to consider conducting an audit, as it may turn out to be a very profitable study.

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