Preparation of an energy purchase strategy

Preparation of an energy purchase strategy

Everyone who runs a business knows how important a properly prepared strategy is in achieving success.

At Enfree, we help clients prepare a strategy that will allow them to purchase energy at the lowest price and in conditions that are safe for customers. Our practice shows that more and more consumers see the benefits of purchasing energy in a model based on exchange prices. For smaller consumers, it is still valuable to buy energy at a fixed price. A well-prepared strategy should take into account the client's willingness to take risk (price volatility over time) and should be adapted to the business he conducts.

Our experience in building purchase and sales strategies in the commercial part of the energy market has a 17-year history. We developed our first trading strategies in 2004 on the fledgling, liberalized energy market.

Our achievements include the preparation of strategies in the conditions of rising and falling markets, strategies in uncertain or changing legislative conditions, strategies for the largest energy sellers and recipients, strategies for entities with Polish and foreign capital.

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