Implementation of the lowest price strategy

Implementation of the lowest price strategy

The strategy of the lowest price directly defines the purpose of Enfree.

We strive to ensure that our customers pay the least for energy. How many entrepreneurs have not received from sellers a proposal to reduce their price after changing the excise tax from PLN 20 to PLN 5 / MWh? How many entrepreneurs, fearing the current price increase, are still waiting for the right moment to contract energy for the coming years, but this moment is still not coming? How many entrepreneurs do not decide to change the supplier, believing that a long-term electricity supplier is always working to his advantage?

Enfree is a partner of entrepreneurs whom we support in their active participation in the energy market. Our task is to provide our clients with the knowledge that allows them to make safe and effective decisions regardless of changing market conditions. Building and implementing a strategy that uses all market opportunities is gaining popularity among entrepreneurs - they often determine the success of individual businesses.

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