Set and development of energy and gas trading companies

Set and development of energy and gas trading companies

At Enfree, we set new electricity and natural gas trading companies. With our knowledge and experience, we also support the development of energy and gas sellers operating on the Polish market. We have unique competences supported by successes in the implementation of many projects.

  • We develop commercial strategies for new and existing electricity trading companies
  • We prepare and implement processes necessary for the functioning of companies - we prepare them to purchase energy on the wholesale market or sell it to end users
  • We create and implement products offered by trading companies
  • We implement mechanisms limiting commercial risks of trading companies
  • We develop mechanisms for calculating electricity and natural gas prices
  • We recruit employees who perform specific tasks in companies
  • We prepare operational and financial plans of trading companies

We invite you to read the publication in which we describe how, together and for Luneos, we prepared a company fully ready to sell energy:
About the preparation of Luneos, the leading Polish supplier of solutions in the field of energy transformation, for the sale of electricity

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