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Enfree is built on the foundations of our many years of experience gained in the field of electricity and natural gas trading. We are highly qualified, primarily in the area of pricing policy, energy purchase and sale, and risk management. The experience we have built over the years makes us one of the best domestic specialists in the industry.

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Over 18 years of experience in the field of electricity trading

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Experience in managing a 20TWh energy portfolio

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Creating a pricing policy for a portfolio worth over 5 billion PLN

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At Enfree, we know how to reduce energy procurement costs in companies. We carry out the entire energy purchasing process for our clients. Our goal is to purchase energy at the lowest price based on the prepared and implemented electricity purchase strategy.

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I appreciate the creativity of the experts at Enfree. The applied procurement solutions for energy and gas contributed to an increase in the value of the group I am managing.

Bogusław Kowalski

President of the Management Board of Graal S.A.

Thanks to Enfree, after a month from the start of cooperation, I obtained additional income from the DSR service.

Marek Szpręga

CFO Klose Group

Together with Enfree, we have built an electricity trading company. Professionalism in every way.

Zbigniew Prokopowicz

CEO Luneos

I am glad that Enfree helped us face the difficult market situation and supported us with its knowledge and skills in negotiating prices.

Tomasz Szczepański

President of the Żuławy Central Waterworks


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Through the eye of an expert. About the purchase of electricity for 2024

Many entrepreneurs take advantage of the current, relatively good market situation and have already started contracting electricity for 2024. Unlike in previous years, some companies have even completed it and are already making purchases for 2025. Companies for which the cost of energy purchase has a significant share in the entire cost structure more and more often base their decisions on individualized purchasing strategies tailored to the specificity of their operations, taking into account both current market conditions and scenarios in the event of their significant change. These strategies are the basis for the selection of the energy contracting model, they also allow for the implementation of investment or purchasing activities in the field of green energy, which is gaining in importance.

From mid-January 2023, the energy exchange prices for 2024 oscillate in the range of PLN 700-850/MWh. It can be said that this is quite a promotion, considering that in the previous six months these prices generally did not go below PLN 1000/MWh, and at the peak they even reached PLN 1800/MWh. Current prices for companies are approx. PLN 100-200/MWh higher than the exchange prices (this value includes the costs incurred by sellers related to profiling and balancing customers, the so-called "colors", excise duty, service costs, but also the accompanying risks of price changes and sellers margin of course).

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Join Enfree. Your future in the energy market.

The energy market poses more and more challenges to Polish companies. At Enfree, we help to face them - we develop energy purchase strategies for the largest recipients in the country and carry out purchasing processes for them.

If you know energy and would like to work with us, write to us. We are looking for support for our team.

Call us: +48 695 000 950

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Why is it not worth waiting with the purchase of energy for 2024?

Loudly in the network about "low", exchange prices of energy listed on the SPOT market in January 2023. (low from the perspective of the prices we faced in 2022). A relatively attractive price level favors entrepreneurs whose energy sales contracts enable the settlement of energy purchases taking into account the current exchange prices (the so-called Day-Ahead Market).

Settlement taking into account exchange prices, both futures market and DAM (SPOT) prices, is an increasingly popular form of settlement of energy sold to large electricity and gas consumers.

Why is it worth not delaying the signing of such an agreement for 2024? Because we gain more than we lose. The main advantage is the ability to react immediately to the market situation. When the time is right, the purchase can be made immediately. In order to take full advantage of this arrangement, it is important to have enough time to catch the price opportunities that occur throughout the year. Therefore, the beginning of the year is a good time to look around the market and choose electricity and gas suppliers for the next year.

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