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About the preparation of Luneos, the leading Polish supplier of solutions in the field of energy transformation, for the sale of electricity

It all started with an idea. The strategy of Luneos, which offers a package of solutions providing enterprises with a comprehensive energy transformation and a significant reduction in energy costs and a carbon footprint, assumed the enrichment and supplementation of the product offer with the sale of ecological electricity. In order to turn the idea into a business, Luneos invited Arkadiusz Somnicki and Adam Wlizło from Enfree to cooperate, who have extensive, several years of experience in the field of broadly understood electricity trading, including the creation and development of business areas in energy trading companies.

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About cooperation with the Klose Group, a manufacturer of wooden furniture

- The increase in electricity purchase prices had a significant impact on the cost of furniture production - says Marek Szpręga, CFO of the Klose Group. And he continues: A year ago, market energy prices were at the level of PLN 400 / MWh. Unfortunately, the current rates, which have long exceeded the level of PLN 1000 / MWh, devastate the finances of many companies. Every day we receive information about the financial problems of other companies, including many from the furniture industry. In order to deal with the growing crisis, I decided to cooperate with Arek Somnicki and Adam Wlizło. The gentlemen from Enfree developed an energy purchase strategy for the Klose Group for the next two years.

The Klose Group is a manufacturer of wooden furniture. From the beginning of its existence, it has been building its position on the market, increasing its capital based on the best traditions of Polish furniture, openness to the needs of users and rigorous enforcement of the highest quality principles. This is also the approach to financial matters in the Group - key managers are open to unconventional solutions that optimize costs incurred by the company, among which the cost of purchasing electricity plays a key role. Energy allows for the implementation of technological processes in three production plants of the Klose Group: in Czersk, in Nowe nad Wisłą and in Gościcin. During the year, these plants consume about 10 GWh of energy.

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About cooperation with the Graal Capital Group, a leader in the fish processing industry in Central and Eastern Europe

- Out of many energy advisors, I decided to use the services offered by Enfree. I am very pleased with our cooperation, I quickly saw its positive impact on the financial results of the capital group - says Bogusław Kowalski, President of the Management Board of Graal S.A. And he adds: I admit that direct access to the current market knowledge provided by Enfree experts in a reliable and credible manner had a positive impact on the procurement processes carried out in Graal. The purchase of energy and gas has become the subject of daily attention, arousing keen interest among employees. It can be said that, together with Enfree, we have created a well-coordinated team that discusses and implements new solutions on an ongoing basis. We are currently continuing our cooperation: we are increasing our involvement in the implementation of projects that will ensure long-term price stabilization, reduce the operating costs of the group and have a positive impact on the environment.

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About cooperation with the Żuławy Central Waterworks, which has the longest water supply network in rural areas in Europe

- The numbers speak for themselves. If I were to sign a contract for 2022 now, the company would probably pay over a million zlotys more for energy next year - says Tomasz Szczepański, president of the Central Waterworks Żuławski. And he continues: The current situation on the energy market is so dynamic that only a well-prepared purchasing strategy as well as quick, decisive and well-thought-out actions can secure the company's interests. That is why I believe that I have made the right decision by establishing cooperation with Enfree, which has prepared a strategy for us for the next two years. Arkadiusz Somnicki and Adam Wlizło from Enfree presented to us the product and price solutions available on the market, and then supported us in the negotiations of energy prices for 2022 and prepared a recommendation of activities for 2023 adapted to the market situation.

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