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Arkadiusz Somnicki

Member of the Board

November 30, 2022 the deadline for submitting a declaration entitling to purchase electricity in 2023 at a preferential, maximum price of PLN 785/MWh has passed - timely submission of the document will allow you to take advantage of cheap energy from 1 December 2022. Purchase at preferential prices applies only to selected entities. These are micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, local governments and public utility entities.

The guaranteed maximum sale price will apply in the period from December 1, 2022 to the end of 2023. Some companies will also be able to benefit from compensation for energy purchases in the previous months of 2022. These are companies that signed a sales contract for 2022 after February 24, 2022 or those that signed a contract for 2022 earlier, but this contract allowed the purchase based on the so-called stock exchange model, under which at least one tranche of energy purchase for 2022 was made after February 24, 2022.

In the event that the entrepreneur is late with submitting the declaration by November 30, 2022, and provides the seller with the document at a later date, the purchase of energy at a preferential price will be made from the next month (e.g. entrepreneurs who submit a declaration in December may count on the application of the maximum price in settlements from January 2023).

Declarations should be submitted to the current energy seller in a given period (it can be, for example, two different sellers - the first for 2022, the second for 2023). The statement may be submitted in paper or electronic form. The declaration template is available on the website: Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland/gold>

The possibility of applying the maximum price results from the Act on emergency measures aimed at limiting electricity prices and supporting certain consumers in 2023. The law can be found at: Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland/gold>

The new legal regulations have created a lot of confusion on the market. The need for energy sellers to apply preferential settlement terms to their customers carries a high risk of incurring losses for them. The sellers are afraid that the compensations received in the future will not cover the losses resulting from the settlements of entrepreneurs with the use of maximum prices, which may lead to the bankruptcy of many of them. In order to mitigate the risk of running a business, some sellers have already significantly reduced or even suspended the submission of energy sales offers. This is a big problem for entrepreneurs whose current contract expires at the end of 2022.

Another problem faced by companies, especially those operating within holdings or capital groups, is of a legal nature - these companies are looking for answers as to whether they are entitled to take advantage of maximum prices - within groups, there are often many entities that are separately entitled to use "cheap" electricity, but within the capital group it may turn out that the situation may be completely different.

As part of the comprehensive energy care service, we help entrepreneurs to safely and effectively meet the new regulatory requirements. Together with companies, we complete declarations, but also help in solving legal dilemmas regarding qualifications to the group of eligible enterprises.

Adam Wlizło

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Webinar – Discover savings: strategies to reduce energy and gas costs

Are you an entrepreneur? Are you interested in securing energy and gas prices for 2025 and subsequent years? Are you watching the situation on global markets with concern and wondering how the possible development of the geopolitical crisis may affect media prices?

Enfree Webinar - Discover Savings: Strategies to Reduce Energy and Gas Costs.

June, 6th 2024 | 11:00 - 12:00

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Arkadiusz Somnicki and Adam Wlizło will present proven strategies and innovative solutions that generate real savings.

The agenda includes,among others:
💡Preparation for 2025 - contract, termination, change of seller.
💡Stock market purchase model – how is it better than a fixed price?
💡The future of energy prices: the role of photovoltaics in shaping the market.
💡Q&A session.

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Energy of the future – from energy storage to dynamic tariffs

The dynamic development of renewable energy sources (RES) opens new prospects for enterprises. In the face of challenges related to connecting new renewable energy sources to the power grid, storage technologies are becoming an increasingly important element. Hybrid installations combining renewable energy sources with energy storage are developing at a fast pace. This solution not only increases independence from traditional sources and the national system, but also increases the security of energy systems. Thanks to this, the electricity produced from renewable energy installations at the peak of production (e.g. a photovoltaic installation during sunlight hours) can be partially used for current needs, and the rest of the produced energy will go to storage. This will make the owners of such sets more energy independent, regardless of the consumption profile, provided that a sufficiently large generation and storage capacity is built. An additional environmental advantage is the ability to obtain 100% green energy for your company.

Preparing customers' electricity systems to use dynamic tariffs will be an interesting topic in 2024. Although the launch of the Central Energy Market Information System (CSIRE) will not take place in mid-2024, as originally planned, this moment is getting closer. The introduction of a fully functional system will mean that consumers who consume even little energy will have the opportunity to use dynamic tariffs, in which the price will be different for each 15-minute delivery period. The introduction of purchasing automation supported by artificial intelligence to this model will allow for better management of energy flows, prediction of failures and optimization of deliveries. Artificial intelligence will begin to play an increasingly important role in the energy sector, from process automation to advanced analyses. This is not only efficiency, but also the key to understanding market trends. As energy networks digitize, new risks will emerge: cyberattacks. Investments in advanced security systems will become key to protecting critical infrastructure. Reliability of energy supplies will be a priority, and a key aspect in the near future will be the modernization of the network to strengthen its resistance to failures and the diversification of energy sources.

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Dynamic price declines and global challenges. The electricity and natural gas market at the beginning of 2024

Current situation on the electricity market

In the first weeks of 2024, we observed declines in electricity prices on the Polish market, which is a continuation of the trend from the fourth quarter of 2023. On December 29, 2023 (the last working day of the year preceding the delivery year of 2024), the price of the annual BASE_Y_24 product was set at PLN 490/MWh. It is worth noting that the minimum energy price achieved in December last year was approximately PLN 471/MWh, which is the lowest level since November 24, 2021.
In the case of other products on the futures market (quarterly, monthly and annual with delivery in subsequent years), we also recorded price declines. Futures contracts currently available for purchase for delivery in 2024 include those for the second, third and fourth quarters, as well as all monthly (except January) and seasonal and weekly contracts. The table below presents a comparison of exchange prices on January 17, 2024 to prices quoted on December 29, 2023 on the Polish Power Exchange (TGE) for the main futures products and SPOT prices (Day Ahead Market) in the TGe24 index.

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